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Personalized professional workout
Personalized professional diet 
Flexibility to choose the foods you wish to eat
Easily integrate your diet with your favorite nutritional supplements
Complete monitoring of your results with graphics
Detailed explanations of hundreds of exercises with animations
Clear your doubts and exchange opinions with other members
Flexibility to create and edit all aspects of your workout and diet
Exclusive content about workout and diet to build a muscular and lean body
"I found out Sarado and my body started to change drastically very fast"
"I have already gained 1.7 inches of biceps in 6 weeks"
"8 weeks have already passed and I've lost 2.7 inches from my belly."

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1-  What does the name Sarado mean?
2 Why choose Sarado and not a bodybuilding course, book or a personal trainer?
3- Is Sarado meant for me?
4- What will be the speed of my progress?
5- I am very busy. How long and how often will I have to work out?
6- Is it really necessary to follow the diet in order to have good results?
7- How hard is it to follow the diet? Will I have to eat special foods?
8-   I do not want to follow the Sarado plan. I want to follow my own training and diet program. How can Sarado help me?
9-  My genetics are not good. I have difficulty to gain muscle mass. Is Sarado going to work out for me?
10  I am very overweight. Will Sarado work out for me?
11- Which equipments are necessary?
12- I do not want to become a bodybuilder or get too big! Is Sarado meant for me?
13- I want definition (cuts) and not much muscle mass. Is Sarado meant for me?
14- I think I am too old. Is Sarado going to work out for me?
15- Will I need to take nutrition supplements to follow the Sarado plan?
16- Can Sarado be used by women?
17- I do not know how to do all the workout exercises. How can I follow my workout routine?
18- I am not in the USA. Can I still be a Sarado subscriber?

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